Fyrebrick  Airedales


Our next litter will be early summer 2023
Please review our Puppy Guarantee before submitting a Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

Our dogs are American and/or Canadian Champions and thus conform to breed standard. Our males are generally 23" to the withers, and about 55 lbs. Bitches are slightly less both in height and weight. Temperament and health are very important to us as all our dogs are housedogs and must get along with each other and with other dogs. We only breed dogs that have been screened free of hip dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA) or Pennhip. Our puppies are raised in our family room and we spend considerable time handling and socializing them. They are crate-trained for nighttime sleeping by the time they go to their new families at 10 or so weeks of age.

A completely fenced yard, minimum of 4 ft high  is a non-negotiable requirement for a puppy. We do not approve of buried electric fences as Airedales have high prey drive and a little zap from a fence is not going to stop them from chasing game! It also does not prevent other dogs and animals from entering your property. 


We do require spay/neuter of our companion puppies for both health and to avoid accidental breeding; however, we do not agree with agree with early (i.e. < 9 months) spay/neuter as we feel the hormones are important for growth and development. The puppy would have limited registration under AKC and any offspring would not be eligible for registration with AKC. The dog can compete in all AKC events, such as obedience, but not in dogs shows leading to a championship -– a different contract is used for potential show dogs. 

If you may be interested in a puppy from this litter, please review our guarantee and complete the on-line puppy questionnaire below. Cost of a puppy is aligned with ATCA Midwest Airedale breeders and is updated annually.